Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today nagios has been successfully integrated with gnokii SMS gateway. Now each work group will receive SMS notification in case of problem with any host/service in our infra.
There is still plenty of work to do, for example need to add lot of devices/hosts monitoring.

Monday, July 20, 2009

After two hot summar days today weather is kinda pleasant and clouds are hanging on the sky hopes there will be some rain fall to turn the weather more pleasant.
Today my two nephews Hammad & Ahrar Khan's F.Sc result were announced and with the grace of Almighty Allah both passed the exams with bright colors.
Ahrar have got 359 out of 550 in F.Sc Part 1 so he will sit in F.Sc Part II very soon.
Hammad Khan have got 621 out of 1050 in F.Sc part II.
Whole the family down in Mardan are very happy with the success of our kids :)
Hammad Khan is interested to get admission in the BCS computer, hope he will got admission in some decent university.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ayesha is sleeping so I have time to check my emails and slashdot. On Off day like sunday its all about Ayesha, me and my wife. We spend all time together sometime go outing/shopping.
However as its too hot in here these days we prefer to spend time inside.
Ayesha love to go out, (all the kids love to go outside :))

Monday, July 13, 2009

Its working, my fault I was too quick to check my web blogs.
Yesterday I have added few more hosts in nagios, most of them where Linux hosts.
For SMS notifications from nagios I have to work on integrating nagios with our company SMS system.
I don't know but my last post from Drivel not appear in my blog.
My baby girl Ayesha will turn 9 month old on July 25th. She is now crawling and laughing, after work all my time spend with here. When my wife work in the kitchen I look after my baby girl, which is not easy task :).
Ayesha is very cute (he got the father face ;) )

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally nagios machine has been installed in the NOC and its back up. Now need to extend the monitoring by adding other hosts. For adding other hosts I'll require help of other sysadmins as I do not have the access for servers installed in there domains.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yesterday I tried to install Drivel blog editor on my home laptop running Fedora 11, for my surprise Fedora 11 no longer have Drivel in the repository.
Before I have installed Drivel on my work laptop which running Fedora 10 and Drivel exists in Fedora 10 repository.
I tried to google but didn't find anything why fedora folks drops nice blog editor like Drivel from there repository.
I thinks author of Drivel is no more actively working on the code and this is why Fedora folks drop it from there latest release. As its hard to support unmaintained code in the distribution.
Anyhow for Fedora 11 I have to look some other desktop blogging editor.
The nagios machine which I shifted from Rawalpindi Old paknet Noc to H-9 ISP-NOC and its mounting is till pending. We need the NOC guy help to mount it in the rack, to get network connectivity and power etc. The NOC guy promise to do it first thing tomorrow, lets see... BTW here in my organization we do not have any decent monitoring system for our Linux/Unix servers...guess our company is living without one "pity". Recently I have initiated to have nagios for monitoring our infra servers and management agreed to try nagios. More on nagios later.
Wow its working :D.
Drivel look promising, no need to login to web for posting blogs, now I can blog using Drivel from my Linux desktop.

To install Drivel on Fedora all one have to do

sudo yum install drivel

yum will take care of all the dependencies. Once install launch the drivel from Application-Internet menu.

And then login to or any other blogging site by entering your credentials.

And then start blogging right from your Linux desktop :)
Ok, now I am using Drivel for blogging from my Linux desktop.

First day at blogger

While today reading article on found a software for blogging right from Linux desktop using "Drivel", in the mean time i wonders i have to try Drivel then i need a blogging account so here I am :)
This is my first blog and I am using the web, but soon I'll install Drivel on my Linux desktop (Fedora 10) and will do the blogging using it.