Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Face-Off with Facebook By Irfan Husain (The Dawn)

Recently Pakistan Government went on blocking Facebook (social networking) the site carrying the blasphemous drawings of the Holy Prophet [PBUH].

Read the full article here.

Fedora 13 Is Out

Thanks to Fedora folks for releasing yet another release of one of the best Linux distro.

Fedora 13 includes some major features like automatic print driver installation, automatic language pack installation, redesigned user account tool, color management to calibrate monitors and scanners, experimental 3D support for NVIDIA video cards, and more in the release notes.

Currently I have Fedora 12 installed which will be supported for quit sometime (almost six months) so there is no need to rush for new release yet.

Whenever I need to upgrade I'll decide to use one of the following tool/option for upgrading my home and work laptops.

Using boot images available from

Though last time upgrading from Fedora 11 'preupgrade' work like a charm for me, so there is a chance that this time I'll also go with preupgrade.