Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday is family day

Its Sunday so like every Sunday its family day. On Sunday night i usually watch movie but due to ramadan karim I am not watching movies.
Yesterday i was watching news and then while checking email found an email from Pat (founder of Slackware, a oldest serviving Linux distro). Wow Pat and team released Slackware 13.0 in 2009-08-27.
Its always nice to see Pat working hard and releasing the stable versions of slackware.
Slackware is my favourite Linux distro, and i used it exclusively as my home and work desktop OS for almost 3 years.
However due to work nature (need to work more) got switched to Fedora. Switching off from Slackware doesn't mean that I do not like it. I learn Linux with slackware, and I am still a proud slacker :)
Well Fedora is bit easier to maitain and installing packages is also easy using YUM.

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