Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Chrome Browser for Linux

Finally google release BETA version of chrome browser for Linux and OSX plateform, I have just install it on my laptop running Fedora 12. Installation was straight forward and as usual google chrome is fast and kick ass browser like all other google applications (GMAIL, gtalk, maps, google search) name the few :)

Google Chrome Extensions Are Now Available is now open for Windows and Linux users — but not yet for Mac — and contains around 300 extensions.


  1. Chrome updates extensions in the background without prompts. I was actually surprised when I realized this had happened, didn't expect it.

  2. Chromes extensions install without you having to restart the browser. if they crash, they crash only the extension, and they are also very easy to make (just javascript). I find the extension model much better than firefox's.

  3. Well here I am back to FF (firefox) after using Chrome for just two days.
    Chrome sucks its slow and its not even close to FF in term of performance.
    Google folks have to do more like US asking Pakistan to do more.