Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New day!

I am feeling sleeping coz last night my daughter Ayesha was not feeling well and keep awaking all night. Well this is what usually kids do in this age, when its time to sleep they wake up :)
And this is what fun part of life, to sacrifice your sleep for your beloved ones.
Lot of work to do at work, today we have to finalize the shifting of Broadband users to new AAA which were previously made available by moving all the Narrowband users to another AAA.
I have already created all the required charge policies and services so that during time we do not have to waste time on making them.

I have still do modify the manual provisioning scripts to work with Oracle, as the old BB AAA have IBM IDS backend while this one having Oracle 9i.

I wouldn't be difficult to as I have already modified the "Close Account" script to use Oracle and only left the "Create Account" script.

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