Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upgrading to Fedora 13 with Preupgrade

Preupgrade is an application users run on a existing release, that resolves and downloads packages required to upgrade to a newer release of Fedora. While Preupgrade downloads the necessary packages, users are free to continue using their systems. This gives an experience similar to a live upgrade. For additional information

While preupgrade provides a generally hassle free upgrade experience. The following steps are recommended before proceeding.

   1. Backup - Before performing any system maintenance, it is recommended that you back up all important data before proceeding.
   2. Update - Apply available updates Fedora updates before proceeding. As the root user, issue the following command.

# yum update

2. If preupgrade package not already install then install it.

# yum install preupgrade

Perform the upgrade

1. As the root user, run the command preupgrade to start the Preupgrade application. If you prefer a command line application, the command preupgrade-cli is available.

2. On the Choose desired release screen, select the Fedora release (in my case my home laptop running Fedora 12, I have only one option ie Fedora 13) you want to upgrade to , and click the Apply button.

# preupgrade -cli

Checking for new repos for mirrors
 * preupgrade-updates:
Downloading 947.6MB
Available disk space for /var/cache/yum/preupgrade: 2.8GB

relax and do your work while packages being downloaded which will take quit sometime, depending on your Internet connection.

3. When all of the packages have downloaded, reboot your system to start the Fedora installer and upgrade to the next release.

Common post-upgrade tasks.

Refer to the Fedora wiki


Not enough space in /boot

Fedora 13 and above has a 500 MB default boot partition. The default /boot filesystem size of 200MB for previous releases can be a problem for users upgrading from that release.

Follow the instructions on Fedora wiki to handle the space problem on /boot partition.

Note: If preupgrade give you message "Not enough space in /boot/upgrade to download install.img." but it can download it after reboot if you have a wired connection to the network, you can click continue for that.

VLC not working after upgrade to Fedora 13.

Fix: If you are getting the invalid pointer error, try running VLC the first time with:


After setting my preferences and quitting, I was then able to run it normally on F13 without issue.

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