Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HP EliteBook 8540p Hibernate/Suspend Fixed in Fedora 13

Today got time to play with the long standing problem of hibernate/suspend problem on my work notebook HP EliteBook 8540p running Fedora 13 (upgrading to Fedora 14 still pending :( )

Quick Google search reports an article on The Linux Laptop Wiki and astonishingly within 3 minutes the problem fixed and now the thing goes on suspend/hibernate (as per power management settings) if the  laptop lid is closed while on battery power or when when the battery power is critically low.

As per the article all have to do is to create a script,

1. Create a script file.
$ sudo vi /etc/pm/sleep.d/01fix_usb3

# Put the laptop to suspend/hibernate

case $1 in
suspend | hibernate) modprobe -r $MOD ;;
resume | thaw) modprobe $MOD ;;
*) echo "USB3 fix script: wrong argument $1" ;;

2. Make it executable
sudo chmod +x /etc/pm/sleep.d/01fix_usb3

Thanks to nice folks at The Linux Laptop Wiki.

Update: This hack is no longer required in Fedora 14,  Hibernate/Suspend working out of the box in Fedora 14

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